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Web Page Design and Development
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touch the web hold the world
Stateside Data
Web Services
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web services imageTouch the Web...Hold the World!That was our tagline back in 1996 when we launched Cyber Systems, Inc., registered our first domain, built our first website and hosted our first email account. How the world has changed since then, and yet, how much has remained the same. As exaggerated as touching the web and holding the world might have seemed in 1996, it is a very real concept these days. In fact, what we did not realize in 1996 is literally just how close to holding the world in the palm of one's hand would become by now.

Stateside developed our first web page and hosted our first email account in 1995. Since then, the Internet has dramatically changed the way businesses do business. In 1995, it was rare to find a company that had email accounts. Now it is nearly impossible to find one that does not. But beyond email, the Internet has widened just about every aspect of our daily lives; from searching for needed information or products to purchase or even making an application for a mortgage. Without question, we are undoubtedly an on-line society.

On the business front, web page design, development and support carries a wide range of skills, expectations and results. Organizations often spend significant amounts of time and money on their web pages without getting much return on their investment.

At Stateside, we feel very strongly that all companies need a presence on the web, yet a company’s efforts should be rewarded through an increase in revenue, prospects or business awareness. Our approach to web page design and development employs a simple, but elegant formula: make the design attractive, but easy to navigate. Avoid a menu jungle. Combine information wherever possible. And since the main page is your opening page, make it as compelling and informative as possible.

In addition, an attractive and effective web page should not cost an arm and a leg. Still many small companies are perplexed when it comes to the myriad requirements underlying publishing their web pages: domain registration, email, FTP servers, search engine optimization, and e-marketing are just a few. Sometimes, a fledgling company will not even have a logo or a company pitch.

Let Stateside Data simplify the process for you and we promise that we'll leave your arms and legs intact!
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