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strategic partnersStateside Data is a team of dedicated IT Professionals serving North Carolina and Virginia. Our team includes employees, associates, and suppliers. We rely on our team to provide IT products and services to our clients.

Strictly speaking, a strategic partner is, for the most part, a vendor. There is one important distinction though. Our strategic partners have committed to Stateside contractually and work directly with our clients. Whether the need is programming, accounting services, Internet services or IT consultation, our partners work closely with our clients to ensure their success.

Over the past few years, we have developed relationships among highly specialized and skilled companies and individuals to augment our services whenever necessary.  The Internet has made much of this possible in that remote access to our clients systems and servers has become the equivalent of being on-site. Stateside is in the enviable position of choosing precisely the right individual to make sure that our clients are properly served.
advanced concepts Advanced Concepts
Jeff Wohlfarht, President
(414) 362-9640
BBx Custom Programming, OSAS Add-On Products, SalesCTRL CRM Software

cps technology

CPS Technology Solutions
Robert Kennedy, President
(800) 438-4202

IBM iSeries Sales and Support including iSeries Cloud Solutions

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Kalibur Solutions, Inc.
Josh Szakal, Vice President
(905) 454-0189

Programming services and support for Open Systems TRAVERSE v11

dbm logo

DBM Computer Consulting
Steven Martin, President
(541) 929-8058

Programming services and support for Open Systems TRAVERSE v11

applied technical services logo Applied Technical Services, Inc.
Michael Murray, IT Manager
(888) 287-5227
Open Systems product support, training, installation and consulting for TRAVERSE.

fetner associates logo Fetner Associates, Inc.
Jerry Clay, President
Application Software for IBM iSeries since 1977 with a specialization in furniture manufacturing.

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